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My Approach

Kaye believes every individual has the potential to experience peace, love, and joy, with the ability to resolve life's challenges, or upsets, more quickly and with less suffering.  Both her professional education and life experience have demonstrated this truth to her.  It is her mission to increase people's awareness of this truth and help them overcome the obstacles that get in their way.  Healing from the effects of trauma, or painful life experiences is key to the potential of transforming one's life from pain and suffering to greater joy and happiness.

Kaye believes in building a strong therapeutic alliance with her clients to help them achieve their goals and overcome self-destructive or limiting patterns of behavior.  She has a calm and grounding demeanor which helps her clients feel at ease. 


Using a down-to-earth approach, many of her clients report how refreshing it is to work with a therapist who routinely gives feedback.

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